How do I become a Herculeze customer?

Simple, just email / text / call us for an estimate.

How do I know Herculeze is safe to use?
All of our Herculeze providers in our network have gone through a thorough background check in order to be approved to be in the Herculeze system.

What service do Herculeze providers provide to customers?

After requesting a pickup on the Herculeze website, your driver will arrive at your pickup location and help you load your item(s) and then take them to your requested drop-off location. Our Herculeze drivers are not only there to transport your items, but they help you load and unload your items too.  If you are unable to help we will make sure to have  2 or more Herculeze providers there to take care of your needs.

How do I pay for a Herculeze transaction and how much does it cost?
We have different levels of service whether you need just the Herculeze driver to show up with the truck for you to load or all the way to the driver in his truck with a loading partner for items that are considered 2-person lift items that you don't want to help load.  Generally pricing starts at a rate of $1/mile and $1/min for deliveries.

How will I know what a Herculeze truck looks like?
Once we receive your request and match up your request with a driver we will let you know what kind of truck they have, etc and MAY have a Herculeze car magnet sign on the truck. 

What happens if a Herculeze driver loses or damages my items, or my items are stolen?
If items are lost, damaged, or stolen during a move or a haul, we recommend emailing us immediately and we will contact you as soon as possible to go over the claim process. If you are concerned that an item has been stolen, we recommend contacting the police and filing a report as well.  We have cargo insurance coverage and general liability coverage for up to $1m.

What happens when a Herculeze provider is not available?
If all Herculeze providers are unavailable, you will be put into a queue. The next available driver will then be prompted to your request.

Does Herculeze help with packing my items?
Packing should certainly be done before your Herculeze provider arrives at the pickup location, but they can offer a helping hand as well. The more time the transaction takes, the more expensive the transaction will be, so it will certainly be better to pack beforehand.

What moving supplies will Herculeze provider have with him/her?
Every Herculeze comes supplied with one hand truck/ dolly, four straps for securing your items, and two padded blankets for insulation and protection of your items.

How do I become a Herculeze driver?

Simply contact us directly via the Drivers Wanted tab on our site and we will provide an application which will include a background check.